Unitek Team

A company of people

The strength of a company lies in the quality of its workforce. The Unitek Srl team comprises engineers, computer technicians and designers working together with team spirit to ensure the company’s success. They make up a tight-knit group of young dynamic people who can offer experience and creativity to their daily job of studying, designing and making solutions that will satisfy customers. Adriano Sartor and Antonio Da Rios are at the helm, with the same enthusiasm as twenty years ago.

  «Together we conduct a ship that leaves a safe, familiar port: our homeland in a region we love and where we learned to be entrepreneurs.»

A. Da Rios

«That same ship takes us over the seas, even very far from here, with determination, skill and… a spirit of adventure!  But we are sure we can count on an excellent team that’s willing to give of its best.»

A. Sartor

We exhort our customers to trust in Unitek confidently: they will be in good hands.

Adriano Sartor

Antonio Da Rios