Research and Development

Mould production technologies at the service of a Green Economy

Research and development are two strong points of the corporate policy of Unitek Srl. For this reason the company has been cooperating for many years with universities and institutes, placing resources and qualified personnel at their disposal.
At the moment Unitek Srl is involved in developing research into two projects with a strong environmental impact, one in the field of solar energy, using concentration photovoltaics; and one in the area of sound barriers made of recycled plastics. In both cases the research aims at increasing the output and potential of the systems involved to achieve a higher standard of living.


Twinfocus® Concentration Photovoltaics

Environmentally friendly innovative technologies

Concentration photovoltaics. We have applied the know-how acquired in producing moulds for vehicle lighting to solar energy - innovative technologies and scientific research at the service of a Green Economy.
Unitek Srl has placed its many years’ experience in vehicle lighting  at the disposal of research into photovoltaics. The result has led to the creation of the first concentration photovoltaic system based on Twinfocus® parabolas. The prototype was built in August 2012 and installed on the Unitek s.r.l. premises in San Vendemiano.


A project based on team work

Our first Green Economy project was made possible by the setting up of Atem Energia S.r.l., a spin-off created by Padua University and Unitek S.r.l., together with its partners in plastic injection moulds and moulding trades: Unimold S.r.l., San Vendemiano (TV), Unica S.r.l., Conegliano (TV) and Piazza Rosa S.r.l., Pieve d’Alpago (BL).  

The research and development stage took place with the participation of the Centro Fermi, Padua University and the Polo Fotovoltaico of the Veneto Regional government, and the production stage was made possible by important corporate investments with the support of the Veneto Region Council for Economy and Development, Research and Innovation, with co-financing under the terms of Regional law.

Find out more by visiting the project web site.

Efficiency, costs and results: innovating for the territory and community

Our soundproof panels have been developed to lessen the environmental impact of noise and provide a better standard of living. For this venture Unitek Srl has become a partner in the NOise Project.

This project represents the most effective evolution of sound barriers due to the use of extruded PVC as the basic material for the products. Recycled and fully recyclable, PVC soundproof panels are the ideal solution for reducing noise pollution on our roads.