Moulding Technologies

Manufacturing a mould requires efficient machinery

Constantly updated technology, state-of-the-art machines and latest generation computerized systems all come together to construct a mould that will guarantee high performance.  Highly qualified personnel undergo regular training in the planning and design of new plastic injections moulds and develop cutting edge technologies and new different types of moulding to meet all requirements.

Unitek designs and produces 1K-2K-3K moulds for several applications; gas assisted injection moulds for the production of hollow bodies and extremely durable, lightweight articles and moulds for thermoset materials.

Injection moulding for thermoplastics:

  • Conventional 1K mould
  • 2K / 3K moulds with rotary plate: see video
  • 2K / 3K sandwich moulds: see video
  • 2K / 3K moulds with Index plate: see video
  • 2K / 3K moulds with core-back technology: see video
  • 2K / 3K transfer moulds: see video
  • Gas assisted moulds

Injection moulding for thermoset materials

To mould thermoset materials we use injection machines with clamping force ranging from 25 to 3000 tons, working on continuous cycle every day.