Plastic product design

Feasibility study

Co-design of industrial products

A feasibility study for a plastic product is the extremely important first stage the Unitek team carries out.  Its purpose is to check feasibility and establish the technical specifications for the product. Great attention is paid to details and the needs and aims of the customer involved in co-designing the product.

feasibility study for a plastic product Co-design of industrial products Plastic product design technical specifications for the plastic product

Product engineering

From an idea to a shape

This is a stage for analysis and creativity that involves all the resources and skills of the Unitek team. It is very important because it establishes the basic project and provides special technical solutions to ensure that the next stages continue without problems.

Structural checks and controls

Step by step

Structural and complementary checks are made step by step to analyse the feasibility parameters, safety, strength, matching and aesthetics, so that project evolution can be adjusted as and when needed.

3D product modelling

The virtual process

CAD 3D design is used to assess and transform all the details of mathematical models into the shapes required for the product. Final three dimensional processing will implement all the previous project inputs.  The entire process is transformed into technical solutions that can ensure the very best moulding process for plastic parts, maximising their aesthetics, mechanical strength and functional features.

Rapid prototyping

The real process

The first link between virtual and real. During 3D modelling prototypes are made for technical and commercial purposes, the feedback from which is used to perfect, correct and complete the design of the product.

Rapid prototyping 3D modelling prototypes prototypes