Mould creation

Workmanlike mould production

Unitek takes the same great care of details and guarantees skilled workmanship throughout all the stages of mould making: from the concept of a plastic product to design and definition of the most suitable material and production procedure, from the creation of prototypes and pre-series to designing and constructing the mould, including the approval test stage and mould maintenance.

The company can count on over twenty years’ experience, especially in the production of moulds for the automotive industry, and cutting edge technology to provide customers in industries that differ greatly from each other with a number of processes and services, such as:

  • Concept and design of plastic articles
  • Production of prototypes, samples and pre-series
  • Mould analysis and design
  • Mould construction
  • Mould approval tests and maintenance

Top quality mould construction

Thanks to the high precision achieved in the construction of plastic injection moulds, the quality of the processes involved and the strict observance of delivery times, Unitek cooperates with Padua University Department of Physics in a university spin-off known as AtemEnergia developing high performance concentration photovoltaic panels (“CPV”); moreover, it has been selected as an official supplier to the Geneva CERN.