10/23/2014 - UnitekNews

Unitek ha partecipato alla mostra Italy@CERN2014 a Ginevra dall’8 al 10 Ottobre 2014.

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Piazzarosa Srl
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We join forces to give you the best

Through cooperation with the best specialists in the industry we can supply a complete mould and provide after-sales service.

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Soundproof panels for environmental friendliness and quality of life. Efficiency, costs, results: integration and innovation for the territory and the community..

Concentration photovoltaics, from vehicle headlights to solar energy. Innovative technologies and scientific research at the service of a Green Economy.

Moulds for plastics

automotive componetsAnalysis of plastic products and mould construction

For twenty years Unitek Srl has been studying and designing plastic products and designing, manufacturing and supplying moulds for plastics, gaining special experience in automotive components, particularly vehicle lighting.

The company starts from designing the plastic part, going on to making prototypes, designing and manufacturing the mould to approval test standards, and guarantees after-sales service, also on customers’ premises. Unitek can also provide pre-series production runs before delivering the mould to the customer.

Thanks to the high precision achieved in mould construction, the quality of the processes involved and strict observance of delivery times Unitek has been selected as an official supplier to the Geneva CERN.  

The company also operates in different industries: automotive (70%); furniture and design (10%); electronics (12%) and household goods and appliances (8%).